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I Killed The Reverend Father Because He Drugged And R@ped Me To The Extent That Water Was Coming Out Of My Buttock

In another bizarre but familiar case, a renowned reverend father in a Catholic Church inside Kenya who was found murdered and buried in October 2019 is allegedly said to have been killed by one of his church members who were sodomized by the priest.

This revelation is being made known during the court proceedings ongoing about the murder of the Reverend Father.

The Background

Reverend Father Michael Maingi Kengo is a popular Catholic Priest in his local community of Machakos, the Eastern part of Kenya, and about 63 kilometers away from the country’ s capital in Nairobi.

He was not just a Reverend Father, he was, until his death, a revered one too. That is why the accused, Mutinyel Muthini, respected him and obeyed every instruction he gave him. He however did not know that the pastor had something sinister waiting for him.

Muthini, the accused guy who is in his twenties said he met the priest when he went to church one morning like that. Before the morning mass even began, he said the Catholic priest had called him aside to inform him that he would like to see him after the morning mass which was about to start then.

Mutiny claimed that after the mass, he went straight to the priest chamber to see him. But he said the cleric did not say much to him because there was no time as he was in a hurry to leave the church after the program for the day. Meanwhile, he gave out his phone number to the priest so they could talk on the phone at a later date.

Since the first encounter that they exchanged phone numbers, the priest was said to have been calling and texting him regularly after that. He was even said to have been visiting him too regularly too. The poor guy said he found the priest’ s action very inconvenient but he could not complain because of who he is and what he is.

Martini added that while he will call the cleric ” bro” , he will respond by calling him ” My dear” or ” Sweetheart” .

It got to a point the priest was said to be paying his school fees and providing all his basic needs. Muthini was enjoying all these without any issue until the Reverend Father showed him his real color by drugging and r@ping him.

How The Catholic Priest R@ped Him

The problem started in September 2019, when the Reverend Father visited his rented house at Gategi in Mbeere South of Kenya for the very first time.

Mutiny said;

” In September 2019 the late father called me and informed me that he was at Mwea town and said that he was going to stay at my place overnight as it was late for him to drive for a long- distance via a rough road as he was headed to Machakos. ”

He indeed arrived at his house and the accused treated the deceased priest like a guest. He disclosed that he served him dinner and after they ate dinner, Muthini proceeded to the bathroom to clean it so that the father could take shower.

Muthini however claimed that while cleaning the bathroom, the father called him and told him that it was better if they could take some juice first a refreshment. The priest had brought the said juice with him when he came to visit the accused.

As usual, he said he obeyed the priest and left the cleaning of the bathroom to have a drink with the priest. Meanwhile, the priest had already served two glasses. The suspect said after drinking the juice and proceeding to the bathroom to continue his cleaning, he began feeling dizzy and fell asleep immediately. He did not know what transpired after that until he woke up hours later.

Muthini claimed he regained consciousness around 3: 30 am with a lot of pain around his anal areas, and there was serious watery discharge coming out from around his buttocks.

Muthini said the late Reverend Father seated next to him naked and smiling at him in his confused state of not knowing what just happened to him. Upon realizing that he had allegedly been sodomized, he asked the father why he had done that to him and the deceased told him that he was not hard on him since he was new to such.

He said;

” He went ahead to caress me and told me that he had every right to do whatever he wanted as I had no means of repaying him what he had done for me earlier. ”

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At that point, Muthini became angry and wanted to charge toward him. The father realized that he had become angry, he stood up, dressed, took his briefcase, and said when he was at the door;

” If I hurt you too much, take the money I put on the table and buy a chemist’ s medicine. Let me run to work and we’ ll talk”

Muthini said he felt disillusioned in living, ashamed to tell anybody and he said he wanted to commit suicide. He also claimed to have called the cleric, threatening to report him to his church Parish in their community but the father pleaded with him not to report as it would interfere with his work. He then promised to visit him the following week so that they can resolve the matter.

How Muthini Killed The Catholic Priest

The accused, Muthini, told the court during proceedings that on October 9, 2019, at around 8; 30 pm, the father arrived at his house drunk. He told him that he (Muthini) was a poor boy and only needed his money and had nowhere to run to. Muthini said he felt insulted this time round.

He said;

” Instead of asking for forgiveness, he came towards me and started caressing me. When I resisted, he held me by force and that is when we started struggling. ”

Muthini said that the late priest struck him and that was when he realized that the priest was going to kill him to erase the evidence that he was forcefully sodomized by the priest. He informed the court that he fell where the panga (machete) was and as the priest was holding his throat, he reached the panga and cut his neck once.

The suspect said;

” When I cut him, he released me and I thought he would stand but realized that he was over bleeding and within seconds he stopped breathing. That is when I realized that he was dead. ”

Father Michael Kyengo was declared missing on October 8, 2019, and was found murdered on October 16 where his body was buried in a shallow grave in Masamba seasonal river in Makima Mbeere South, Embu county.

The accused, Michael Muthini, was later arrested at Kiboko along Nairobi’ s Mombasa road on October 11 by DCI detectives while driving the priest’ s car and he led the detectives to where father Kyengo’ s body was buried in the shallow grave.

Embu High court judge Lucy Njuguna ordered a victim impact report to be tabled in court before the judgment date will be set.


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