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BBN HM Queen Finally Discloses Why She Wants To Be In A Relationship With Whitemoney

Queen and Whitemoney have been keeping viewers interested in the show. Recall that Queen has been showing interest in Whitemoney in the Big Brother Naija house for quite some time now, but Whitemoney does not appear to be interested in having a relationship with her.

Earlier Friday, Queen finally revealed the truth about having a love interest in Whitemoney, she disclosed the main reason for her closeness with Whitemoney.

Queen and Jackie B were spotted by the camera having a conversation in the garden. During the conversation, Queen reveal the truth about her closeness with Whitemoney

During the discussion, Jackie B was overheard telling Queen not to worry about Whitemoney, that he cares for her and that they should be good friends, that things could change outside the BBNaija home.

Queen responded to JackieB claiming that she isn’ t interested in a relationship with Whitemoney and is only concerned about the endorsement agreements that may come as a result of their closeness, and that she is only using him to secure endorsement deals after the show.

What Whitemoney Said About The Female Housemate That Knew He Has A Feeling For Her But ignored him
Whitemoney is the kind who doesn’ t pay much attention to the female housemates on BBNaija Season 6, but he does have feelings for one of them, who chooses to ignore him.

Despite the fact that Whitemoney is ignoring another female housemate, Queen, who has expressed love feelings for him, he does not appear to be interested in dating her.

During the conversation, Whitemoney revealed that after they finished the game in the house, Queen had clearly told him that she was not going to sleep in the same room with Jackie because he had gone to get her.

He was surprised as to why she would say such a thing to him, as he mentioned that Jackie had been someone he had feelings for even before she entered the house, and that it’ s extremely funny that Jackie B knows he likes her the first time he told her and it was when Michael was still in the house, and since then he decided not to talk about it again, implying that he is a low key person.

Cross Blamed Whitemoney For Not Handling Queen And Jackie B’ s Issue The Right Way
Many people are concerned over Whitemoney’ s handling of Queen and Jackie B situation, however Cross, who is also a contestant on the ongoing BBNaija reality TV program, has expressed his viewpoint on what Whitemoney should have done.

Cross describes his version of what happened regarding Whitemoney, Queen, and Jackie B.

The camera captured the moment Cross was in his dairy session with Biggie, where he revealed what transpired between Queen, Whitemoney, and Jackie B.

According to Cross, WhiteMoney failed to properly handle the Queen and JackieB’ s situation. Because Queen and JackieB have grown close in the house, they are now hoping to extend their friendship outside of the house.

Queen and WhiteMoney are also close, and they share almost everything with one other. Now that WhiteMoney likes Jackie, there will undoubtedly be some conflict.

Queen has made her motives obvious from the start, but WhiteMoney either didn’ t notice or did see and chose to do what he did. He went on to say that he understands WhiteMoney as well, and that he wants to be friends with everyone while still playing with everyone because he hasn’ t committed himself.

But he spends more time with Queen and talks about everything. WhiteMoney is correct in his feelings, and Queen is correct as well, but WhiteMoney can do better, he concluded.

Queen Revealed Why She Has Been Avoiding Whitemoney For The Past Few Days
Queen has been shunning Whitemoney in the Big Brother Naija house for the past few days, and she has explained why she is doing so.

Queen had a conversation with Whitemoney earlier Friday morning about her unexpected attitude in the BBNaija house, as well as revealing Jackie B’ s position.

Queen stated that she did not want Whitemoney’ s attention shared with any female housemates. She went on to say that no one sought to take Michael away from Jackie B when she was receiving attention from him, and that she was unwilling to share Whitemoney’ s attention with anybody. She also disclosed that Jackie B has been avoiding her since Whitemoney began paying attention to her.

Check out how some viewers reacted to what Queen said about her relationship with Whitemoney
Osinachukwu Sandra Said: ” For Crying out loud Whitemoney never asked Queen out, i really don’ t know why she’ s acting as if their husband and wife. stop forcing the young man to love. love is not by force. ”

Imenka Olumachi Pleasure Said : ” The only Thing I regret about Queen is voting her to keep her in the house when we had to vote for Cross and Queen. babe don’ t worry you woll be leaving on Sunday. ”
Leon Lweis Said : If even we don’ t vote for Queen as we should not share our votes, Whitemoney should not behave thr way he did, Queen always stand by him in the house, she gets hurt with anyone who want to disturb him. ”


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