Youth Alive Foundation (YAF) Recruitment 2022 for Research Consultant

One of YAF’s main goals in helping to create a more just, equitable and progressive society for young people is to ensure that they have access to the social, economic and political opportunities they need and deserve to ensure that they are protected by their fundamental human and political rights. With the help of government and other stakeholders, YAF aims to reimagine how youths can contribute to the country’s development by empowering them through informed, innovative, and value-driven programs for personal, community, and national growth. YAF is

We’re looking for someone to fill the position listed here:

Expertise in youth development and labor market research development is sought.

Abuja is the city’s name.
Employment This is a contract
May 2022 through June 2022


Strengthening Civic Advocacy and Local Engagement is a USAID-funded project implemented by YAF. The Youth Development Cluster (YDC), a group of 10 civil society and private sector organizations, is spearheading this project, which aims to strengthen social justice reforms for Nigerian youths through effective advocacy for the implementation of the National Youth Policy (NYP) at state and national levels in Nigeria.
Social justice is the idea that everyone should have the same rights and opportunities. Everyone should have equal access to economic, political, and social opportunities, according to this ideology.
As part of the National Youth Policy’s first and fifth pillars, the Youth Development Coalition is advocating for their implementation:
Productive Workforce and Sustainable Economic Engagement of Youth is the first pillar in the PILLAR 1.
Effective partnership-building and collaboration for youth development is PILLAR 5.
The lack of empirical data on Nigerian youth development and the opportunities in the emerging labor market for young people is a major flaw in the YDC advocacy.
This project aims to bridge this gap by conducting a baseline study to ensure that interventions are based on solid evidence.
It also aims to investigate the future of work in Nigeria for young people through labor market research on opportunities for young people in a constantly changing world. In order to accomplish this goal, YAF has issued a request for proposals for two separate research projects.
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Consulting : Research on the implementation of the New York City Plan.

The following are the goals of this study:

All MDAs, donors, and the private sector should keep track of and document any initiatives aimed at youth.
It is hoped that the findings of this study will serve as a foundation for evidence-based programming, which will help guide the project through key stages of change.
Besides serving as a starting point for the project’s monitoring and evaluation, the research will also be used to document its progress and impact.
Study Nigeria’s youth development from a political economy perspective.
To date, find out what has been done to implement the National Youth Policy of 2019, highlighting the areas that still need attention.
Examine the level of youth knowledge and access to youth policies and programs.
Look at and monitor MDA’s spending on youth empowerment and development at the federal level.
According to the NYP, what has the government done in terms of employment and entrepreneurship opportunities for young people.
To learn more about how MDAs are incorporating NYP, talk to some of them.
Consultancy 2: Youth Employment in Emerging Labor Markets

The following are the goals of this study:

Indicators of the labor market, such as the population’s age, growth or decline, and patterns of immigration, should be provided. Increase or decrease in the number of employees by industry or firm size changes in small business employment
Lagos, Kano, Rivers, Akwa Ibom, Abia, and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) are the five states in Nigeria where young people can easily gain access to the labor market.
To what extent are young people excluded from the workforce because of issues specific to their particular industry?
Young people’s futures in the workplace and entrepreneurship are predicted by market trends.
Future-proofing: how do we make the labor market work for young people?
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The Consultants will use a variety of methodologies (qualitative and quantitative) to collect data for the baseline and emerging labor market research, including but not limited to secondary data reviews, semi-structured key informant interviews (draft developed by consultant in consultation with YAF), focus groups, and a survey questionnaire to gauge young people’s knowledge of government policies.
Consultants should provide us with a detailed breakdown of how these various methods will be carried out, which documents are to be reviewed, which Key Informants will be interviewed, and how FGDs will be conducted.

Planned Output

For each consultancy, consultants will learn about the project’s objectives, outcomes and indicators, as well as draft a research protocol with the YDC Project Team in close coordination.
While this call is aimed at the national level, we would like to see some evidence or data collection from the project states.
Deliverables that are critical to success

Narrative research report on the foundation
Narrative report on Emerging Labor Market research.
Executive summary, methodology, findings and recommendation should be included in both narrative reports. A graphical representation of some findings is what we’re looking for.
Interview notes, a list of key informants interviewed, survey questionnaires administered, and discussion notes from focus groups should all be included in the data quality assessment.

Selective Standards
Competency and cost-effectiveness will be considered when evaluating applicants. Candidate evaluations will be based on a set of criteria (outlined below) that will be weighted at 70% and the fees associated with the work at 30%. To apply for this position, you must submit the following documents: cover letter, sample of previous work, budget estimate, and CVs of team members with their contact information. It’s based on the following:

Technical knowledge of the National Youth Policy and youth development/employability initiatives is required.
Ability to meet deadlines and be available in May–June 2022
Demonstrated technical ability to conduct baseline investigations
Prior market research experience is required for labor market analysis.
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The consultants should have done similar survey work and analysis before. This is a requirement. An array of abilities and knowledge will be provided by the consultant, as described below:

Ideally, a Master’s degree or higher in social sciences, statistics, or a related field is preferred.
Research, development studies, and surveys requiring at least five years of experience leading a group of investigators are all acceptable qualifications.
Expertise with conducting research, preparing study reports and supervising enumerators in the collection, validation and entry of data.
Practical and theoretical experience in Nigerian youth development initiatives.
Good knowledge of the Nigerian Youth Policy (NYP) and the political economy that affects young people’s development in Nigeria
Comprehensible, well-written analysis of survey data in English is required.

How to Do This
Email your resume to if you are interested and qualified. “Ref: Labour Market Research” or some variation thereof would be appropriate subject headings for the following information.

a letter outlining your relevant experience and suitability for the consultancy, as well as that of your team, if applicable
Give an example of a research project in which you played a key role in conceptualizing, designing, and executing the study’s methodology.

The application deadline is May 6, 2022, at 11:59 p.m. EST.