University of Toronto College of Medicine Scholarship Award 2022 in Canada

The College of Medicine Scholarship Award 2022 is being offered by the University of Toronto in Canada, which is a great honor. The grant is offered to all Master’s and Doctoral applicants who desire to begin degree course work at the University and are eligible to apply.

The School of Graduate Studies and Massey College offer this Fellowship on an annual basis, thanks to initial funding from the Donner Canadian Foundation. The Fellowship is a well-established mechanism through which the University of Toronto is able to support eligible graduate candidates who meet the criteria listed below.

Massey College Fellowships provide financial assistance for academic pursuits as well as the opportunity to become involved in the Massey College community.

The Importance of a Scholarship
The Scholarship of Toronto is pleased to provide a scholarship grant of $10,000 for one year, valued at $10,000 in total. Additional fellowships will be offered to current or prospective students and held by them in addition to the program’s regular funding commitment (for those within the funded cohort).

Criteria for selection include:
Existing or newly admitted graduate students who match one of the following criteria are eligible to apply.
who is or has been an asylum/refugee seeker anywhere in the world (regardless of their status in Canada) within the last 5 years; whose current or proposed program of study has been impacted by changing political environments in their country of current or future study, including changes in immigration law; who is or has been an asylum/refugee seeker anywhere in the world (regardless of status in Canada) within the last 5 years
You must be enrolled in, or have accepted an offer of admission, to a full-time master’s or doctorate program at the University of Toronto for the following academic year in order to be considered.
Application The College of Medicine is a prestigious institution in the United States that educates physicians and other health-care professionals.
Prior to the application deadline, applicants must submit an electronic copy of their completed application in the form of a single PDF file through email to, labeling the file “Last name, first initial– SAR 2022 App.” No consideration will be given to applications that are either insufficiently completed or ineligible, or that are submitted after the deadline has passed.

A Statement of Intent outlining how the applicant fits all of the Scholars-at-Risk Fellowship qualification criteria is required as one of the required documents. In this statement, the candidate should provide background information on why they came to Canada, or why they wish to study in Canada; their current circumstances, including any financial difficulties they are experiencing; and their motivation for pursuing their chosen graduate program (2 pages maximum – single spaced, 12pt font);
Transcripts from all post-secondary universities (scans of official, unofficial, student-issued, or web transcripts are accepted); transcripts from all other post-secondary institutions
CV detailing academic achievements, scholarships and prizes obtained, as well as publications, work experience, and extracurricular engagement both within and outside of a university are required. Extracurricular activities should be clearly divided into two categories: those that take place within and outside of the academic setting.
If you are not currently enrolled in a graduate program at the University of Toronto, you must submit a copy of your offer of admission letter from the university. You must also provide proof of your asylum or refugee seeking status.