Latest William Boyd Dawkins Scholarship Grants for International Students in the UK 2022

Take advantage of this offer right away! The University of Manchester is pleased to announce that it will be awarding the William Boyd Dawkins Scholarship Grants for the academic session 2022/23 to all international applicants residing in the United Kingdom.

This grant is open to international students who wish to begin an undergraduate degree program in Earth and Environmental Science at the University and who meet the eligibility requirements.

About the University of Manchester: Founded in 2004, the University of Manchester is a well-known UK university that attracts thousands of international students each year to study. It was placed 8th in Europe and 6th in the United Kingdom in the most recent academic rankings. University administration has ultimate responsibility for all learning opportunities made available to students at the institution.

The University of Manchester has a well-deserved reputation for excellence, which has impacted the decisions of its students to attend Manchester. A vibrant research culture that supports innovative, cross-disciplinary collaboration distinguishes it as the top research center in the country.

The following are the selection criteria for the William Boyd Dawkins Scholarship:
International students are required.
The applicants must have been enrolled in an undergraduate degree program at the time of their application.
We will give our coveted William Boyd Dawkins Scholarship to students who score AAA in A-level (or an equivalent qualification).

Programs that are currently available
Students enrolled in Earth and Environmental Science undergraduate programs at the University of Manchester are eligible to apply.

Benefits of Applying: Selected candidates will get a stipend of £1,000 to assist them in completing an undergraduate degree in the United Kingdom.

Admissions procedures are as follows:

Applicants must submit an application for admission using the UCAS website. Students should contact for more information on how to apply for this scholarship and for application details.

Supporting Documents:

The students must submit their academic records, a curriculum vitae, a copy of their passport, two references, and two letters of recommendation.

Entry Requirements:

Applicants must review the university’s entry requirements prior to applying for admission.
The following English language competence examinations must be completed and submitted by the students:

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