2022 University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma International Study Award in the USA

We are pleased to offer the international student’s study award for the 2022/23 academic year at the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma.

Undergraduate students wishing to begin their studies at the University of Science and Art Oklahoma may apply for the scholarship award.

The University of Oklahoma’s College of Science and the Arts
The University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma (USAO) was established in Chickasha, Oklahoma, in 1908 as a public liberal arts university. An important part of USAO’s aim is making liberal arts and sciences education accessible to everyone.

An application and interview process culminates in a 4-year scholarship (transfers will be pro-rated based on grade level status).
Non-resident tuition is partially subsidized.
Admissions must be made in accordance with standard procedures.
Each fall and spring, students must be enrolled full-time and pursuing a degree.
Available Subjects:
The institution will give an undergraduate degree in any topic it offers.

Aspects of Use
A yearly scholarship of $7,500 will be given to outstanding students at the University of Science & Art of Oklahoma.

The university application portal must be used to submit an application for admission. The applications of all qualified students will be taken into account.

Students are required to provide transcripts and other documentation from their time in high school.

Admission Requirements: Applicants must examine the university’s entry requirements before applying for admission.

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