2022 Institute of Medical Science Graduate Grants in Canada

Each year, we will award up to 5 EDI bursaries (one per bursary type) as part of the Institute of Medical Science’s mandate to support initiatives related to equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI), as well as to be a more proactive participant in fostering a diverse and inclusive academic environment.

For the academic year 2022/23, the University of Toronto is pleased to offer these scholarship funds to all students who wish to begin a Masters or PhD degree program at the University during that year.

The goal is to provide financial assistance to students from underrepresented groups, notably those who are Black or Indigenous and who are also economically poor, through scholarships.

The following are the selection criteria for the Institute of Medical Science: Applicants must be enrolled in an IMS graduate program (research stream) during the academic year 2022-23. (must provide an offer letter of admission)

Attending an IMS graduate program at the time of this writing (research stream)
Are an international student enrolled in a research-based MSc or PhD program in your home country
Have a grade point average of A- in their currently enrolled graduate program. To be eligible, applicants must have completed at least one graded graduate course during their undergraduate career.
Have completed a PAC meeting demonstrating adequate progress within the 6- to 8-month time frame prior to the submission deadline.

Award Eligibility Restrictions:
This prize is not eligible to the following individuals:

The “Professional Earnings” category includes students who have entered their graduate program under this heading.
Postgraduate medical students and resident clinician-scientists participating in a postgraduate medical education program
Students enrolled in an IMS Professional Program are referred to as

Process of submitting an application:
Submit the application form, as well as any supporting documentation, through the internet.
Fill in the blanks with a Statement of Purpose (maximum 250 words) that articulates the three points listed below.

Please give concrete instances, such as:
Because of your economic disadvantage (e.g., poor family income, need to support other members of your family, recent dislocation, etc.), what factors lead you to believe you are in this position?
As part of the online application process, you must compile and upload all of the other documents that were needed in a single PDF file (i.e. Statement of Purpose, Offer Letter, Financial Need Assessment form, Academic History, Last PAC Report)

Make sure to submit your entire application by the deadline specified in the Award Overview section.

Benefits of Submitting an Application: The current prize is up to $5,000. The award’s monetary value is subject to change at any time without notice.